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      1. Share capital

        The minimum share holding is 500,000/= per Share.The SACCO can buy as many shares as it can wish depending on their investment plan.

      2. Central Finance Fund (CFF/ Savings)
      3. National Education Fund

        There shall be a National Cooperative Education Fund (NEF) to which every registered cooperative society shall contribute 1% per year of its turnover. 50% of the education fund shall be sent to the secondary society to which the society is affiliated, while the remaining 50% shall be retained by the society and used to carry out its own educational programs. A SACCO is therefore advised to remit National Education Fund as provided in the audited Balance Sheet annually.

      4. Annual Contribution
        Annually SACCOs have to make subscriptions inform of annual contribution to UCSCU. UCSCU AGM of 2009 approved the following brackets to be applied for Annual Contribution. However a provision is made in relation to reflect for active membership as follows; 
        1. 10% on the dormant membership is provided on Employee Based SACCOs and.
        2. 20% on Community Based SACCOs.

Annual Contribution Rates

SACCO Membership
(Active membership)
Annual Contribution payable
 1 300 and below 200,000
 2 301 – 500 500,000
 3 501 – 1000 1,000,000
 4 1,001 – 2,999 1,500,000
 5 3000 and over 2,000,000
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