The changing face of risks and disruptions in SACCOs

TARGET GROUPS: SACCO Chairpersons,  Treasurers, SUPCO  members, Credit  supervisors and Loan  Committees, Finance  Managers, SACCO Internal  Auditors, Investment and  procurement  Committees/Officers

The changing Face of Risk for SACCOs today

Invitation link UCSCU is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Time: Sep 17, 2021 09:00 AM Nairobi Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 775 245 4992 Passcode: LCt3V4 Training description Risk presents itself in different forms and degree depending on the institutions internal and external level of preparedness. Uganda’s SACCO sector like any other... View Article


The Role of I.T in Modern SACCO Management

The current challenges facing our SACCO members have revealed to us the need to adopt Information Technology (I.T.) as a means to ease communication, financial reporting, auditing, efficient financial transaction, and records management. Owing to the various difficulties that many of our members continue to face in realizing the benefits that accrue from adopting I.T.-related... View Article


Managers’ Dialogue

TARGET GROUP: CE0s,General Managers,  SACCO Managers

Managing growth in SACCOs

TARGET GROUP:Members of the Finance  Committee, Finance  Managers, Accountants

6th National SACCO Conference

“REBUILDING SACCO RESILIENCE IN A CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENT” SACCO sustainability has for over the years been threatened by various factors both internal and external. The Union under its mandate ensures Modelling and re-modelling of this operating environment. The sector has lately experienced two major changes that have shaken the walls of a number of SACCOs in... View Article

46th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 46th AGM of UCSCU will be held on 28th January 2022 at UCSCU Training Hall, Maganjo, starting at 8:00am. Only fully paid up UCSCU members (SACCOs) are invited to send 1 DELEGATE each, who MUST be nominated by the sponsoring SACCO. The nominating SACCO should have paid FULL Share and Annual Subscription for 2020/2021.... View Article

Training Program-Addressing Governance Challenges For Functional Committees In SACCOs

The effective functioning of any cooperative society is premised on the proper functioning of its structures. The SACCO structures are manned and fulfilled by key stakeholders that include; Leadership, Management and owners-Members. Effectiveness in this case is measured against how well the society is able to organize the core elements of a healthy governance structure... View Article