UCSCU Academy

UCSCU Academy

The Uganda Cooperative Savings and Credit Union (UCSCU), as the apex body uniting SACCOs in Uganda, has decided to establish an Academy focusing on the SACCO sector and other stakeholders. The UCSCU Academy intends to begin its training operations beginning January 2022. The key learning outcomes for the training program are based on the belief that UCSCU Academy seeks to transform trainees into individuals that:

  • Demonstrate self-motivation, self-management and self-esteem
  • Know their own preferences, strengths and limitations.
  • Adjust their behavior and language appropriately to different social situations 
  • Relate well to a range of personality types.
  • Apply environmental and health awareness when making decision for themselves and their community
  • Are positive in their own identify as individuals and global citizens.
  • Are motivated to contribute to the well-being of themselves, their community and the nation.

The UCSCU Academy also seeks to produce life-long learners who: can plan, reflect and direct their own learning; and who actively seek more learning opportunities for personal and professional development.


1). SACCOs in Uganda.

2). Governance for SACCOs.

3). Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

4). Financial Management for SACCOs.

5). SACCO Operations and Management.

Mode of Study.

These modules shall be taught in a study-room based environment at the UCSCU Academy in Maganjo and also as part of a mobile training program across all the regions of Uganda.

The substance and duration of study shall determine the certificate award to recognize the training participants.

Awards of UCSCU Academy

1.Basic Certificate in SACCO Management (One Week)

2.Advanced Certificate in SACCO Management (Three Months).

3. Certificate in SACCO Management (One Year).

4. Diploma in SACCO Management (Two years).

Other services:

1.Trainings in financial education.

2.Business simulation games (farmers, savings games)

3. Customized trainings for members

4. Business Hub clinics.


UCSCU Academy provides well-furnished affordable hostels for participants upon request.


For inquiries about the study program,

Email: director.ucscuacademy@ucscu.coop

Email: administrator.ucscuacademy@ucscu.coop