Information Technology

Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) now drives businesses in a fast-paced world, where competitiveness and customer satisfaction is measured by efficiencies, convenience, delivery speeds and cost-effectiveness.

SACCOs cannot escape the hold of ICT over business operations, especially considering that ICT enables businesses to find new ways to drive down the costs of products and processes, in addition to improving performance.

Our ICT service aims at bringing SACCOs and the cooperative movement in general into the ICT fold to benefit from technological advances of internet connectivity, electronic communication as well as web-based production and delivery of products and services, besides closer customer service, secure and more data storage, as well as marketing and e-commerce.

We established the ICT section to serve SACCOs in Uganda and to advise on the need to invest in ICT to increase efficiencies.

The objectives of the ICT section include:

1. Automating UCSCU’s business processes
2. Facilitating timely acquisition of information about business activities by UCSCU
3. Applying IT to redefine business processes and relationships in UCSCU
4. Advising member SACCOs on automation processes and procedures
5. Facilitating acquisition of SACCO software by SACCOs