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Training Program-Addressing Governance Challenges For Functional Committees In SACCOs

May 26, 2022 @ 8:00 am May 27, 2022 @ 5:00 pm EAT

The effective functioning of any cooperative society is premised on the proper functioning of its structures. The SACCO structures are manned and fulfilled by key stakeholders that include; Leadership, Management and owners-Members.

Effectiveness in this case is measured against how well the society is able to organize the core elements of a healthy governance structure which include; The business model, Leadership, Strategic direction, operating systems and procedures, Reporting and accountability.

The principle role of the Board is derived from the co-operative nature of business and its organizational structure which places the members at the supremacy of decision making.  Cooperatives by nature are owned and controlled by the people who use its services, and who, by working together, can reach an objective unattainable by acting alone. It is a form of business enterprise, organized on a voluntary basis, democratically controlled and member-owned, to variously meet the economic, social, and cultural needs of its members.

The Board committee is becomes a central instrument to ensure that the rights and obligations of the members are observed in the management of the cooperative. This Board does not work in isolation but works with and through its sub-committees, management and with support from the SACCO supervisory committee. It is however cardinal that these different stakeholders work in unison for the bigger whole and this can only be achieved through “addressing Governance concerns for effective functionality of all”.

UCSCU the SACCOs apex has organized a training program to address the above challenges to ensure that the trio operate in a safe and sound manner and subsequently deliver the member service objectives through its business operations.

The training program therefore run for 4 Days;

23rd-24th –  Institutional SACCOs

26th -27th -Community Based SACCOs

 Venue: UCSCU Academy-Maganjo

Target Group: SACCO Board, Board Sub-Committees, ALMCO, SUPBO, Vetting Committee

Fees required: 200,000 per participant

Kindly confirm your participation with us by 20th May 2022 with a call on either of the following addresses for proper planning and arrangements.   info@ucscu.coop

0704390760 / 0702871805 / 0782680532

Overall Training Objective:

How to ensure Functional Committees in SACCOs

 Course Outline:

  • Introduction to SACCO Governance
  • Core Elements of Governance
    • Business Model
    • Leadership
    • Strategic Direction
    • Operating Systems &Procedures
    • Reporting & Accountability
  • Ensuring Functional Committees in SACCOs

Objective: To provide answers to the following leadership Questions;

  • What is my committee Role in the SACCO Governance
  • How do I perform my Role
  • Which Tools do I need to perform my Role
  • When do I tell there is a problem?